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Energy Management System

  • Energy Management System (EnMS): A set of interrelated working elements (KS A ISO 50001) for establishing energy policies, energy goals, processes and procedures to achieve those goals.
  • An establishment of system or process to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by each organization through energy efficiency, usage and prove level of certification based on monitoring.
  • [PDCA Cycle]

  • [Energy Plan Process]

  • The energy management system is based on the continual improvement process of Plan-Implementation(Do)-Check-Action (PDCA). PDCA includes energy management in the daily activities of the organization.

PDCA Approach

  • Plan : Performing energy reviews, baselines, energy performance indicators (EnPIs), goals, detailed targets and action plans
  • Do : Implementation of energy management plan
  • Check : Monitoring, measuring and reporting on key processes for determining energy performance and operational characteristics.
  • Act : Continual improvement on energy performance and EnMS

What We Do

  • Energy management system (ISO 50001) support and consulting
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